December 13, 2010

Leave it to BEN-FM morning host Marilyn Russell to add a touch of sentimentality to a pub crawl that ends with thousands of people in Santa outfits running up Spring Garden St. This Saturday 12/18 at 7pm, 1 hour after thousands run from Spring Garden to the Electric Factory on 7th and Willow, Russell will introduce the only two people dressed in a tuxedo and wedding gown to the crowd. Those two people will be, NJ newlyweds, Brian and Shannon Vallery who were married at Noon earlier that day. After their introduction, Brian and Shannon will be presented with a cake and Shannon will throw her bouquet into the crowd. She’ll then join her husband and friends to ring in yule-tide and newlywed cheer in a special reception area that will be reserved and decorated for them.

Brian and Shannon met for the first time 2 years ago at the 2008 Running of the Santas. It’s been a runaway romance ever since. Coincidentally their wedding day and the 2010 Running of The Santas ended up happening on the same day. This led Brian to contact Running Of The Santas organizer Matt McDermott and Marilyn Russell at BEN-FM to find out if there was a way to make their special day even more meaningful.

Why would two people who just got married want to surround themselves with thousands of potentially inebriated men and women in Santa outfits? Here’s Brian Vallery’s answer, “We both just feel like it’s us coming full circle in our relationship. We met there two years ago randomly. She was a gingerbread girl dancing and I was a Santa who couldn’t help but dance to AC/DC’s “All Night Long” with her (it’s now their wedding song). Plus the people and costumes are hilarious, and it really just gets you in the mood for the holidays.”
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