Corner Office – September 2010

September 10, 2010

Your Voice….Your VotePeter Smyth

I am always amazed when I talk to young people and they tell me they haven’t voted. It is a privilege we often take for granted. As we enter September, the traditional start date for political campaigns to  kick into high gear, the stakes are incredibly high. We are experiencing stubborn unemployment, record deficits, environmental challenges, and an ongoing struggle against terrorism at home and overseas. It is against this unsettling backdrop that, as citizens, we need to give direction to our politicians.

The radio industry as well needs to make its contribution during this political season.  Yes, we will make our airtime available to qualified candidates, but we also need to go beyond the letter of the law, the sloganeering and, unfortunately, the name-calling, and provide insight into the issues that matter to our listeners.  Not everything that we need to know as citizens can be extracted from the thirty second packaged commercial.  Radio serves a vital role by providing forums for debate and discussion, even if they become heated.

We can be an outlet for the marketplace of ideas and exchange that can lead to a consensus about the way forward for our nation.  As a service to our communities, there can be no higher priority.

No matter what your personal political opinions may be, I urge you to make your actions speak louder than the stream of rhetoric we hear each day. Many of our brave men and women have fought hard and made difficult sacrifices so that we can walk into a voting booth. Your vote does matter;  I encourage you to take time to cast your ballot during the upcoming election season.