August 5, 2010

Greater Media Charlotte’s nationally syndicated morning show, Bob & Sheri, broadcast an online stream with live web chat of co-host Bob Lacey’s wedding celebration on Saturday, July 31. Lacey wed fiancé Mary Lucas in an intimate evening ceremony hosted by Sheri Lynch at her home. The live stream began at 10:00 am and captured live behind the scenes events including a tour of co-host Sheri Lynch’s home, wedding ceremony and Gatsby-themed reception including a live performance by Road Runner recording artist Ryan Star.

Early statistics show the Bob & Sheri website ( logged over 38,988 visits. Listeners could also join a live web chat throughout the event monitored by Greater Media Charlotte’s Interactive Director Jonathan Mauney. The following Monday garnered an additional 38,302 visits to the website as fans were able to watch shorter video clips of the wedding and the reception.

“We knew our listeners would be interested in seeing Bob’s wedding,” commented Mauney, “but the response totally blew us away! Thousands of listeners watched all day long! It’s a perfect example of how we can build on the compelling on-air content with an online interactive experience.”

Since the announcement of Lacey’s engagement, Bob & Sheri listeners have been able to follow the planning of the wedding through on-air content as well as online polls. Listeners were invited to view selections for Mary’s wedding gown, his and her wedding bands as well as Mary’s hairstyle. Poll results as well as a complete photo album and video recap can be viewed at

Bob & Sheri airs weekdays from 5:30 am to 10:00 am Eastern on WLNK (107.9 the LINK) in Charlotte, NC and is syndicated nationally through Greater Media Charlotte. In addition to Bob & Sheri, the network also offers The Matt & Ramona Show, on an ftp basis, creating a personality lineup for stations to present on an exclusive basis in their respective markets.

For more information, please contact Angela Snider, Affiliate Marketing Coordinator, Greater Media Charlotte, at