Jacobs Music Awards a Piano to Nazareth Area High School

May 12, 2010

Jacobs Music and 95.7 BEN-FM honored music teachers and the roll that music plays in classrooms, by celebrating Music in Schools Month in March. Jacobs Music and BEN-FM encouraged students to share their personal experiences with music education, as well as the music teachers that inspire them, for a chance to win a brand new piano for the winning school.

Jessica Scantzenbach, a senior at Nazareth Area High School won the contest, resulting in the piano donation. The winning entry stated “Music Education gives me something to be really passionate about. I have always loved music; it was something that I not only was good at but something that I really loved doing, whether it was playing or singing or even learning theory. I would not be half the musician I am today had I not had the proper instruction from teachers who loved music even more than I do. I have grown and I now understand many more things about music because of the music teachers I have had.”

The piano will be presented to Nazareth Area High School Music Teacher, Kelly Rocchi on Wednesday, May 12th at the annual Spring Recital.

“I am so excited that Nazareth won the new piano,” said Ms. Rocchi. “We will be using it in our music lab where I teach 3 different levels of piano classes.  The piano will be used all the time!  I am also so proud of all of my students who voted in order for us to win the piano.  Thank you Jacob’s Music and Ben-FM!!”

For more information, please contact Jaime Frankel, BEN-FM Promotions, at 610-771-9792.