Hank Morse – WROR

February 21, 2016

Hank Morse_MGMG


Hank works on-air with the Loren & Wally show and is extraordinarily generous with his time—always making guests at the station feel special and donating his time to host and emcee charity events.

His positive, enthusiastic attitude and genuine interest in everyone make him a great coworker!

Erica Stensrud – Greater Media Detroit

February 12, 2016


Erica StensrudLocal Sales Assistant Erica Stensrud joined the Greater Media Detroit family in April 2015 and brought with her a passion for creativity that has helped her quickly become one of the team members who are making Greater Media great.

The fact that no two days are ever the same is one of the elements that Erica enjoys about working at Greater Media Detroit. Even more so, she loves the freedom to put her creative energies to use to help the sales teams develop eye-catching proposals. Sellers look to Erica to develop custom designs that tell the story of why Greater Media Detroit’s marketing solutions are second to none.

Another way that Erica focuses her creative energy is through writing. While she has pitched in and done some copywriting while at Greater Media Detroit, Erica shared with us that she loves writing short stories and fiction. Not only is she an active member of several workshops, but she is also working on a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. Knowing the joy writing brings her, we asked Erica who were some of her favorite authors, and she quickly responded Neil Gaiman and Lewis Carroll.

Erica has had some amazing experiences to help inspire her writing and work, thanks in part to the five years she served in the U.S. Marine Corps. During her time as an active-duty Marine, she had the opportunity to live in California, Florida and Okinawa, Japan. When asked which location was her favorite, Erica smiled and said, “Definitely Okinawa,” explaining that “there were so many things—the weather, the people, the culture. I got to be a tourist and see so many interesting things.”

Though she’s traveled to many places, Michigan remains Erica’s home. Here she’s close to her mom, Annette, and twin brother, Justin, who is serving in the Air Force as a firefighter.

We are so happy that Erica has also made Greater Media Detroit her home and are proud to salute her for all she does to make Greater Media Detroit great.

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