Rodney Byrd – Greater Media Philadelphia

November 27, 2014


Rodney was selected months ago to receive the Rock of ’MMR Award, a quarterly recognition of outstanding service and dedication to one’s job and the Greater Media organization. We waited for his recent return to “active duty” at the stations following medical treatment. The “Rock” recognition was based on his ability to work through a multitude of challenges, technical and logistical, involved with physically moving the entire Camp Out for Hunger operation (after eight years in the same spot) to a downtown location.

Rodney was personally involved with transmission and data line installation, tent size and orientation, garbage collection/cardboard recycling, talent RV accommodations, HVAC, security and in-house sound P/A—with local and national bands playing daily—as well as mixing the broadcast with a six-person show, guests, remote-location shots from the parking lot and more. Fifty hours of live radio originated from the site during the week. And you know what? The entire operation went off without a hitch. Not one. And the food and money raised increased dramatically as a result of the move.

A revealing fact: Rodney scheduled his chemo treatments in the weeks leading up to Camp Out for Hunger to avoid conflict, so he could be on-site to manage the event personally.

Peter Werbe – Greater Media Detroit

November 17, 2014


PeterWerbePeter Werbe’s career started like many. He did weekend fill-in and work on public service efforts for a station in Detroit. Unlike many though, he has found long-term success marrying his passion for public service with a love of broadcasting

For 44 years, Peter has been the host of his weekly talk show Nightcall at WRIF-FM. That makes it the longest running talk show in U.S. radio history. The show, which encourages callers to voice their opinions on issues of interest to the community, airs Sunday nights 11 PM to 2 AM. “I’m very proud that WRIF offers this forum for the exchange of ideas and comments,” Peter shares. He adds that his work on Nightcall is his legacy. Over the years, Peter has usually been alone at the mic during the talk show broadcasts, but in 2005 he added WCSX-FM’s Juline Jordan as his co-host, who had been his producer since 1998.

In addition to his work on Nightcall, Peter also serves as Greater Media Detroit’s Public Affairs Director. Those duties have him spearheading all three stations’ public service efforts on-air and online.

The Detroit native is one of the most active people at Greater Media Detroit. He plays handball three times a week, practices Tai Chi daily and loves to travel. Peter says one of his favorite trips was to Cuba to get a firsthand luck at the controversial island.

In addition to Nightcall, Peter has another long-term commitment. He and wife Marilyn have been married 51 years. He tells us that it “seems truly impossible since we still feel and act like young lovers.”

Being in radio, we would be remiss not to ask Peter what is his favorite music. “Whenever I’m listening to a particular genre of music,” he says, “I always think, ‘That’s my favorite,’ but I could be at the House Opera House listening to ‘Carmen,’ at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge watching some jazz great or at DTE outdoor music theater hearing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I collect vinyl so my tastes are all over the place.”

When asked why he chose radio as a career path, Peter gives a mischievous smile and replied, “I didn’t have to get a haircut or dress up for it.” On a more serious note in his, he added what was more likely his real motivation for choosing radio, “Getting to play rock and roll, giving my opinions and begin able to make an impact in the community and getting paid to do it. Who could be so lucky?”

It’s really Greater Media Detroit that is lucky to have Peter Werbe on our team. We thank him for all he does to make Greater Media Detroit great.


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